10kW, 8kW, 5kW On-Grid Solar Power Plant – Trivandrum, Kollam

Solar PV systems which are meant to last much longer (since the major components like PV panels and inverters come long warranties) and after the ROI time period, the PV system can become an income generating asset for the community.

This is an 8 kW On-Grid Solar rooftop home installations that was done for one of our customers residing at Kollam.

We have used Canadian Solar Panels and SMA Solar Inverters for this project.

The SPDs are of Mersen make and Isolator of C&S Electric.

The MCBs are of ABB make.

This plant could generate anywhere about 32 to 40 units per day on average.

This plant would have an annual savings of about INR 60,000/-

Thereby making a payback period of 3 to 4 years for the Investment.

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Solar Company in Kollam – comorin Solar +91-9633159523

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