8 Fascinating Facts About Renewable Solar Energy

This may change the way you look at the solar energy!

Solar energy is the best renewable energy as it is obtained from the sun’s radiation. Sun’s energy is abundant and free and with the power of solar technology, we can harness the renewable energy that is consistently available to us. If we invest exclusively and wisely in Solar Power Solutions and encourage its utilisation, we could power the entire world from the sun.

The history of harnessing the solar power dates back in 1830, while it was not widely used in the 21st century. India has entered the solar game in the year 2011 and ranks fourth in top 10 solar producing countries after China, the United States, and Japan. Moreover, solar power is a fast developing industry in India.

“As on 30th January-2019, India’s solar installation capacity reached as high as 27GW. India aims to cross 100 GW of solar energy by the year 2022.”

Now, let us look into some facts about solar power:

1. Solar energy is the biggest energy source

The sun’s energy that reaches the earth can meet the energy needs of the entire humanity. Solar energy is the most abundant energy known as we receive as large as 1,73,000 terawatts continuously, which is huge. This is approximately more than 10,000 times the total energy used by the world.

2. Solar architecture still prevails in Greece

Back in those times, Socrates was the most influential member of the society who familiarised solar architecture to the world. His passion and undeniable belief in the sun also made him teach the subject. Olynthus, a city in the Northern part of Greece was the first ancient Greek solar city.

The entire city was designed in a way that every home faced the South direction. Other cities of Greece which also include Bulgaria, followed his advice and were similarly designed. Due to this reason, ancient Greeks built their homes in the coldest months of the year to get ample sunlight in hot months.

3. Solar energy is used to power up a skyscraper

CIS building in Manchester city is UK ‘s largest skyscraper. Manchester is not a sunny city. There are more than 7000 solar panels installed to meet around 10 percent of the building’s energy needs.

4. Solar energy is harnessed since the 18th century

During 1760, a Swiss scientist named Horace de Saussure, for the first time built hot boxes of wood and glass that were able to capture solar energy. This solar heat was used in cooking and similar chores. Later in 1954, Bell Laboratories built the first solar cells.

5. Solar energy in the space industry

Space industry was the first to identify the potential of solar energy and the changes that could be achieved by its implementation. They utilised the solar energy to power aboard the spacecraft. In 1960, Vanguard- 1 was the first satellite powered by solar energy. In 1973, the Russian Lunokhod Rover, powered by solar energy reached the moon. Also, NASA is working on unmanned aircraft since the 1980s. Their efforts resulted in Pathfinder, Pathfinder Plus and Helios Prototype which uses solar power to fly for long durations in high altitude flights.

6.Einstein and solar energy

Albert Einstein studied solar energy and experimented with photovoltaics. In the year 1905, he wrote a letter explaining the photoelectric effect and won the Nobel prize in 1921. His works became a foundation in developing further solar technologies.

7. Airplanes can fly a very long distance with solar energy

An airplane can travel around the world solely with solar energy. In the year 2016, Bertrand Piccard of Swiss, with a professional explorer took off the solar-powered airplane named Solar Impulse II. The solar-powered plane took off from Abu Dhabi for a global adventure and successfully ran with no additional power source other than the sun.

It was the first round-the-world solar flight. It introduced the world about the boundless potential of solar energy.

8. Solar power plants can last more than 40 years

A solar power plant has a very long and effective lifespan. Even the infrastructure that is built around the solar panel has a lot of value. If a buyer enters an agreement of 20-25 years, it does not means that the plant will have no value after that. The effectiveness of the power plant can be augmented by replacing them with their latest modules and give a boost in its performance.

These 8 facts offer a clear understanding of the magnificent power of solar energy and its source.

And there more to it,

  • Sunlight takes approximately eight minutes to reach the Earth and slight more seconds to touch the solar panels.
  • Solar power can be efficiently used to heat water, run air conditioners. It is a safer and eco-friendly option for electricity.
  • A residence roof-top solar panel can reduce pollution by 100 tons of carbon dioxide.

Solar energy, being a renewable energy is the cleanest form of energy, does not create pollutants and can be easily installed in daily life. The solar power industry is ever-expanding. The energy is harmless to the environment and is affordable. Moreover, the sun will keep radiating. It is imperative to expand solar energy to meet climate goals as well.

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