Financing Through Public & Private sector Banks and NBFCs

In Kerala, Public & Private sector Banks are offering Loans to On-Grid Solar Power systems with KSEB Approvals.

This comes under the Home Improvement loan under the RBI’s amendment of “Priority Sector Lending for Domestic Homes”

The first line of financing is banks, which offer loans under top-up plans such as home loans and renovation loans.

Consider the cost of a 5-kW Rooftop On-Grid Solar Power System is ₹250,000, excluding GST.

80% of the Amount is offered as a Loan from respective Banks – ₹200,000/-

Remaining 20% of the Amount of ₹50,000/- to be borne by the Customer

Interest Rate Ranges from 8% to 15%, depending on the borrower’s source of income and risk profile. In Kerala, the maximum tenure for the loan again varies from bank to bank ranging from 1-5 years.

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