The Solar Panel Manufacturing Industry in India boomed post 2014 with Indian Government incentives and tax benefits to boost local manufacturing. The peak time was once the Safeguard Duty was imposed for imported panels from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, US (except Vietnam).This helped the Indian solar panel companies to increase their sales as well as their Technological capabilites and focus on the state of art manufacturing.

Three technologies of panels available in the market

— Polycrystalline

— Half cut

— Mono PERC


Mono PERC solar panels are the ones having maximum efficiency. (20+%)

The key Indian Solar Panel Manufacturing Companies are

1) Renewsys (Bengaluru and Hyderabad)

2) Waaree (Valsad, Gujarat)

3) Vikram Solar (Kolkata)

4) Adani (Mundra, Gujarat)

5) Navitas (Gujarat)

6) Goldi Solar (Gujarat)

7) Emmvee (Bengaluru)

8) HHV solar (Bengaluru)

9) Saatvik (Haryana)

10) Insolation energy (Rajasthan)

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