The following is the Solar Panels supplied in India for the year 2019

  1. Risen Energy – Chinese company with market share of 11.6% for Utility projects
  2. Waaree – Indian company with 10.6% market share. They have active presence in Kerala with Mono PERC panels efficiency 19.58%
  3. Znshine – Chinese company only for Utility projects
  4. Vikram Solar – Indian company with 9.5% market share. Has good polycrystalline panels
  5. Adani Solar – Indian company with highest capacity of manufacturing capability. Active presence in Kerala, with Poly, Mono PERC and Bi-Facial panels
  6. Trina – Chinese company very good foreign panels
  7. Renesola – Chinese company (not so good quality)
  8. Jinko solar – Chinese company very good foreign panels
  9. LonGi – World’s No.1 Mono Module Manufacturer (highest efficiency)
  10. Canadian Solar – Has half-cut cells which is innovative concept
  11. Chint – Chinese
  12. Suntech – Chinese company
  13. JA solar – Chinese company very good foreign panels
  14. Tata Power – Indian company (earlier had good panels but now panels not Quality)
  15. GCL – Chinese company
  16. Talesun – Chinese company
  17. Navitas – Gujarat based company
  18. Goldi Solar – Tier 1 category Indian manufacturer
  19. Panasonic – Foreign category but lesser capacity panels
  20. LG solar – 12 busbar panels with high efficiency (but high cost)
  21. REC – 20 year product warranty, Made in Singapore (high cost)

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