By effectively leveraging the modules with PERC technology, end users can obtain a much faster ROI. PERC panels also perform better under low-light conditions and high temperatures.

In spite of the elite R&D research in Solar PV Industry, the MONO PERC Technology is leading the Solar race worldwide and very important in state of Kerala in India.

The PERC means Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology. The introduction of PERC technology has increased solar efficiency, which translates to higher generation, faster ROI and more savings for end users.

In state of Kerala, the residential customers could benefit with PERC technology as follows,

  1. 3% additional energy yield compared to poly modules.
  2. 7% land savings compared to poly modules.
  3. Better temperature coefficient
  4. Less Shading effect

More features like

  1. A significant reduction in electron recombination.
  2. Greater absorption of light.
  3. Higher internal reflectivity.
  • Mono PERC Solar panels perform better in higher temperatures.
  • Mono PERC has more potential for efficiency improvements
  • Mono PERC cells has 0.1% less light induced Degradation (LID)
  • Mono PERC Cells has 0.7% more guaranteed power at end of warranty (25 years)
  • Mono PERC performs better at irradiances between 100 and 900 W/m2 compared to poly and standard mono

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