Fronius Solar Inverter – Review

Fronius International is an Austrian company that specialise in inverters. Before we ask ourselves if Fronius are any good, we need to know who is Mr. Fronius and where did Fronius come from?

The wizard who created Fronius International is a gentleman named Günter Fronius. He died in 2015 as a very old man age 107 but his brand and inverters will live on.

Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter Review

The bread and butter of household PV inverters is the Fronius Primo 5kW. This is the workhorse of the Australian Fronius PV brand name. We have installed hundreds of Fronius inverters and VERY RARELY have had issues with Fronius inverters.

Our annoyance rate is around less than 1%. I can count the number of issues on one hand.

Fronius German Inverter

In India, Fronius has Exclusive Office and Service Team in Pune.

For state like Kerala, Fronius Inverters are truly the best choice and value for money.



Continuous system monitoring is an important factor in maintaining the cost effectiveness of your photovoltaic system over the long term and harnessing its full potential at all times. Monitoring is split into three important areas: the recording and visualisation of all relevant data and a reporting function for defects and malfunctions.

For Fronius Solar Inverters in Kerala, Comorin solar

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