The overall installation process of an on-grid Solar Power plant is governed by the KSEB. The below post will give you an overview of the process involved and the forms are available in the KSEB website, the link for which is available at the end of this page.

  1. Feasibility Report : This is the very step once you have decided to get a Solar power plant installed. As long as you have the copy of your electricity bill/ consumer number, you can request for a feasibility report at a cost of Rs. 1180/-
  2. Registration: The registration amount will vary according to the capacity of the plant. The amount will be 1000 * capacity of the plant + GST. 80% of this amount will be refunded by KSEB after project completion.
  3. Completion: After installation, our technical team will submit the required documents to KSEB for verification and testing of the plant.
  4. Test: The Solar power plant will be tested by a team of Engineers from KSEB. Normally Harmonics, Power factor, flicker and voltage measurements are taken.
  5. Connection request: After successful testing, our team will raise a connection request.
  6. Agreement: To enable net metering, an agreement needs to signed and submitted by the customer to the utility(KSEBL). This process will be completed by our team on behalf of the customer.
  7. Refund Request : After the completion of the Project, you can request for a refund of 80% of your initial registration amount. You will need to provide the Spin Number of the Solar plant, consumer number and the registration and the net meter installation dates. The installation and completion should be done within a period of 6 months.

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