An Inverter requires external lead acid or lithium ion battery to store power. When there is electricity available, it charges the battery, when power fails, it supplies electricity from the battery. That’s how you get 24*7 uninterrupted power from inverter in your home and office.

If you are planning to buy Inverter for home use for the very first time, it is important for you to choose the electrical appliances that you wish to run when there are power failures. These are categorized with Critical Loads and Non-Critical Loads. Selection of inverter depends upon consumption of power and backup time when electricity is not available.

You should consider consumption of power for these electrical appliances

  • LED lights
  • Ceiling fans
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • Laptops
  • Desktop
  • LaserJet Printers
    Types of Inverter As far as the technology is concerned, there are two types 1. Pure Sine Wave 2. Square Wave Pure Sine wave Inverter is the latest technology product and a square wave is the baseline product.
  • A pure sine wave inverter does not create humming noise from fans and it will not let sensitive appliances heat up such as a laptop adapter.
  • Backup Time Backup time of an inverter depends on the number of batteries an inverter supports. Inverters are rated in VA (Volt Ampere). 12 V inverter supports single battery as all lead acid batteries are usually 12V design. Similarly, 48 V inverter system requires 4 numbers of battery to be connected in series. DC Voltage Number of batteries required
  • 12 V 1 – Battery
  • 24 V 2 – Battery
  • 36 V 3 – Battery
  • 48 V 4 – Battery
  • 96 V 8 – Battery

Home Inverters with Battery Luminous is India’s most preferred Solar Inverter battery brand. It offers wide range of Inverters and batteries. The price of Inverter with battery depends on inverter Capacity (VA), Battery Capacity (Ah) and it’s Warranty. Pure Sine wave home Ups and Tubular batteries are the latest technology products to buy. 1 KVA Home ups with 150 Ah Tubular battery is recommended solution for 4-6 hours of back-up to power Led lights, Ceiling Fans, Television and Laptop/ Mobile charging in home and offices.

How to Choose Solar Inverter Battery

If you are planning to buy Solar inverter battery and you do not have any idea how to choose battery for your home. You should consider this before buying any battery 1) Battery Capacity measured in Ah (Ampere-hour) 2) Battery warranty 3) Price, depends on Battery Ah and warranty.

Battery Warranty

Battery warranty has two aspects a) Replacement warranty and b) Pro rata warranty. If your battery fails in replacement warranty, Luminous will replace it with new battery and during pro rata warranty period, a new battery is offered at discounted price, which is, also known as buy back offer. Inverter Battery Inverter battery is also known as UPS battery. It is a lead acid rechargeable battery used with home Inverters. The main component of battery is the lead inside it. Higher lead ensures better battery performance and quality. Lead acid batteries are not sealed and Maintenance free hence it requires water top up once in 3-6 month.

Types of Inverter Battery

There are three types of battery – a) Flat Plate b) Tubular battery c) Solar Battery There is no much difference in these technology type batteries except warranty and life. The height of battery determines the technology type, Tubular means tall battery and flat plate means short height battery. Battery Backup Time The backup time of battery depends upon Battery AH (Ampere hour). Higher the AH, higher will be backup time. Usually, a 150 Ah battery gives around 3-5 hours of backup on 400 watt Power consumption.

In Kerala, 150 Ah is bestselling rating as it can last up to 3-5 hours if you use Led light, few ceiling fans, Led Television, mobile and Laptop charging. For higher duration backup, one can go for higher Ah battery.

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