MONO PERC SOLAR PANEL – Now Available in Kerala

PERC integrates back surface passivation, front surface advanced passivation and anti-light-induced degradation technologies. Inside of a solar panel rest cells made of silicon.

A typical 12v panel will house about 36 cells, with each cell contributing to the panels’ overall energy generation. Conventional monocrystalline cells have an emitter layer on the front side and a standard back surface field.

PERC cells, on the other hand, employ two different features not found in conventional cells. These include applying paasivation film on the rear surface of the cell and using chemicals to create tiny pockets in the film that absorb more light, according to Solar Power World Online. Different manufacturers can achieve this end in a variety of ways, but in each instance, the technique involves adding a dielectric passivation layer to the rear of the solar cell.

The cell’s front side receives direct sunlight while the rear side soaks up scattered and reflected light.

These additional features:

  • High-performance mono PERC cell structure.
  • Exceptional performance under low-light and high temperature conditions.
  • Higher energy density per square foot than conventional monocrystalline cells.
  • Increased light absorption, as unabsorbed light is reflected back to the solar cell.
  • Extended cable lengths for easier installation; Elegant and modern panel design.
  • Superior anti-reflective coating captures more light to deliver increased efficiency.
  • Enhanced junction box sealing protects against moisture and extends product life.

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