NET METERING – All you need to know about Net Metering

Turning to green and unconventional sources of energy is a huge step towards conserving the environment, and is now, the need of the hour. Non-profit organizations, research institutes as well as governments across the globe are working towards spreading the awareness and incentivizing the adoption of renewable sources of energy. In line with the same efforts, governments across various regions have introduced the concept of Net Metering for green energy generation and usage.

With Net Metering reap the benefits of going solar even when the sun is not shining.

Clients who are contemplating to #GoSolar, when they approach us, often have two common queries:

  1. What happens when the electricity generated by the solar panels is higher or lower than our consumption?
  2. How do we get power at night time or when it is cloudy?

Are you planning to #GoSolar but fiddling with the same questions in your mind? The answer to your queries is Net Metering. Read on to know what is net metering, how it works and the benefits of Net Metering when you turn to renewable energy sources.

What is Net Metering?

The benefit of living in India is that we have abundant solar energy at our disposal across the nation. However, this still doesn’t put to rest the dilemma among people considering solar as a renewable energy source:

In the daytime, the solar plant may end up producing more energy than required; while at night time or cloudy periods, when you need energy to power lights, machines, air-conditioners, etc., there is no sunlight.

To address this dilemma the government introduced the concept of Net Metering. Net Metering is essentially an instrument that helps your renewable energy plant stay connected to the main power grid. You can send excess power to the grid and consume power from the grid when required. A special metering and billing arrangement is made between your energy generating system and the utility. Thus, Net Metering allows you to consume the solar energy that the plant produces, conserve any excess energy produced and simultaneously stay connected to the grid at all times.

So, how does it work?

As we mentioned earlier, with Net Metering your renewable solar energy-producing system stays connected to the main power grid always. Now, in the daytime, while the system is producing solar energy, any excess energy that is not consumed by you is sent to the grid and your meter runs backward; meaning you get credit units to use when required. The grid buys the excess energy sent to it from your plant at APPC (Average Power Purchase Cost) rate.

Again, at any point in the day if your energy consumption is higher than the generated amount or at night when the solar plant is at rest, thanks to Net Metering, you can use electricity from the grid.

The difference of the units credited and units consumed will be billed to you.

Thus, with Net Metering, you will pay only for the net power that you consume from the electricity service provider that has accumulated over a specific period of time.

What are the benefits?

One of the most significant benefits of Net Metering is the opportunity to reduce your energy consumption costs. Between the units of solar energy credited to the grid and the units bought from the grid, you pay only for the net power you consume.

Secondly, if your solar plant generates electricity higher than your consumption, you stand a chance to get paid for the excess energy sent to the grid via Net Metering. The grid purchases any excess energy produced by your plant at APPC rate.

Last but not the least, having Net Metering installed with your solar plant you can contribute towards an environmentally friendly and power efficient electricity evaluation system.

Thus, Net Metering makes for an easy option to #GoSolar, stay connected to the grid and reduce your energy consumption cost. It gives the assurance that you will always have a reliable source of energy. Simultaneously, it provides substantial benefit to both the electric power-generating system as well as the environment.

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