The key factors to evaluate an inverter is key component selection, product feature, product function, innovation and reliability, each one is very important. but for inverter manufacturer the most important things are establishing a fully comprehensive and controllable product quality system. then the high adaptability to harsh environment and long life span of up to 20 years is ensured, along with the generation of a solar power plant.

There are two factors of visible environmental adaptabilities: one is product, the other is environment, environmental adaptability is the connection between product and environment. Same products will have different adaptability for different environment, different products will have different adaptability for same environment as well

Solar system normally was exposed at outdoor environment, may frequently work at high and low temperature, high humidity, windy, sandy, rainy and salty environments. As the key component of the whole solar system, it is responsible for current transfer, system communication, error diagnosis and safety protection. Inverter must adapt different operation environments, especially the harsh environments. The main temperature challenge is from day-night temperature difference, seasonal temperature difference, climate difference and self heat-induced temperature difference

For some coastal areas with high salt density and high humidity environments inverter will have corrosion issues that may seriously affect the solar plant’s safety and reliability. So there should be strict salt spray test in the inverter testing process. There will be neutral salt spray test and variable salt spray test. After the test there should be no damage of the surface painting and finishing, no corrosion for other metal parts, the inverter can be started normally.

The higher environmental adaptability is, the lower failure rates, which brings lower maintenance requirement.

Ultimate Safety: DC arcing may occur in your solar system, posing a danger to your property Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) to Proactively Mitigate Fire Risk.

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