On-Grid Solar Power Systems are PV systems that operate with KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd) utility grid power – whether for Residential homes, Villas or commercial Buildings. The objective of an on-grid system is to partially or entirely fulfill its user’s energy requirements, offsetting the energy demand from the KSEB utility grid.

  • When the PV system generates less power than the requirement, KSEB power automatically complements the solar generation in order to send the required power to the user.
  • On the other hand, with a net metering scheme in place, on-grid systems can send excess power generated back to the grid in exchange for KSEB utility credit.
  • Through On Grid Solar Net Meter Scheme the house with higher electricity will come down by 95% or even zero bill.

On-grid systems are the simplest and the most cost effective to install.
With paybacks from as little as 2 to 5 years and a life of system are 25 years, these systems are both environmentally and economically friendly.

Today cost of solar is very low compared to early days. For 5 kW Solar On-Grid system it is INR 2.5 Lacs and for a 3 kW system it is INR 1.5 Lacs.

Kerala has a target of generating 1000MW Solar power by 2022 and as a part Residential homes will have mandatory solar panel in future.

The Decision provides for customers (owners of buildings or tenants) to generate electricity on their premises and use any electricity generated, which can be offset against their electricity bills. In the event that any surplus energy is generated, this will be transported back to the grid and a credit will be placed against the customer’s account with KSEB.

Many households and customers with heavy air conditioning loads decided to cover around 80% of their electricity consumption to maximize their savings per kWh unit.
EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting) contracts are the most common form of contract used to undertake solar project installation works. Comorin Solar undertakes all design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and testing activities related to the PV system.

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