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Oversizing a PV array, involves installing a PV array with a rated DC power (measured @ Standard Test Conditions) which is larger than an inverter’s rated AC output power (i.e. DC @ STC > AC). It can be a valuable tool for system designers seeking to deliver a maximum amount of energy at a lowest possible specific cost.

Reasons for oversizing PV arrays and important factors to consider are summarised below.

  1. Make better use of the inverter’s AC output
  2. Lower the specific cost of energy delivered
  3. Reduce inverter costs
  4. Achieve favourable energy output when installing inverters in limited space
  5. Maximise the value of daytime energy to the system owner
  6. Better match the inverter to the PV array, in the event an inverter needs to be replaced
  7. Make the most of East-West PV arrays

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