Net metering is a concept that allows you to put excess energy back into the power grid. This is excess energy that is generated from your home’s solar power system that is in excess of what your homes electrical appliances were using at the time this solar energy was generated. You are then given a credit for the power that you contribute to the system. This credit is then used to offset the cost of any power that you need to draw from the power grid. The difference between what you contribute and what you consume is the net difference.

Apply with Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd (KSEB) section office for the Feasibility Report. Once after registration we can install solar system. For residential in Kerala the best suited systems are 3kW, 5kW, 8kW and 10 kW. 

After Testing and Commissioning, from consecutive month you would get new Bill. In the new bill the Export units and Import units are reflected, which reduces the slab unit and tariif. This is how one reduces the Electricity Bill with KSEB On-Grid Solar Power System in Kerala.

The warranty given for these panels are for performance – 25 years and Inverters with 7 years. The payback for the solar system is around 3 to 5 years. Therefore its clear that the Solar system is always a win-win situation for the consumers.

On-Grid Solar System makes the Consumers as “PROSUMERS”

Comorin Solar is a Solar Power Company in Kerala. We do On-Grid & Off-Grid Solar Plant Installation in Kerala. 8+ years Experience. Our services available across Trivandrum, Kollam and Ernakulam, Kerala.

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