Rooftop Garden combined with Solar Panels BIPV

Having BIPV Solar Panels in roof of yout house has measurable positive impacts:

  • Buildings covered with solar panels take advantage of ambient heat, which would otherwise cause the building to be more expensive to heat or cool. Using solar power on the roof also eliminates the entry of heat entering the roof and keeps the building somehow cool for the summers.
  • Another important thing is enough sunlight. The terrace garden should receive at least four to six hours of direct sunlight, and in areas where the sun is too harsh, people can use a shade to prevent the plants from getting scorched.


  • Plants on rooftops help to absorb extra heat – heat which makes a building more expensive and energy-consumptive to cool. Along with adding to the aesthetic beauty of a city, plants also absorb rain water which would otherwise run off the roof and into a city’s municipal water system often only after running through the streets, and being contaminated with other pollutants.
  • Watering regularly is a must. In summers, your garden requires watering twice a day. In winters you can just press the soil with the back of your hand to check the moisture and water accordingly. We would advise not to water the garden in rains and even one day after the rain as excess water drains all the nutrition away from the soil.
  • A plant-topped rooftop also gives birds and other wildlife a welcome reserve, often in the middle of urban landscapes that are begging for some life.

Each and every house could produce their own vegetables, fruits from their rooftop along by producing green and clean power from Solar.

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