ROOFTOP SOLAR SOLUTIONS – Why rooftop solar solutions may be best for you

It is not uncommon to find a rooftop solar solutions system installed in a building around you. Irrespective of what you understand about generating power through Sun. You would agree that the energy generated through Solar is a clean and renewable source of power. If you are contemplating on installing a roof top solar solution in your premises. Then this article will help figure out if indeed it is what you should go ahead with.

What exactly we mean by rooftop solar solutions

Rooftop solar system is a power generating system. It comprises of a power generator, a power conditioning unit and current carrying conductors. In technical terms, power generators are called Solar Photovoltaic modules. While the power conditioning units are the Inverters. Apart from these, the system also has the necessary protection and monitoring systems. Thanks to the technological advancements in the field of solar energy.

It has made rooftop solar solutions a sophisticated concept. That is a way advancement from what it was decades ago. Solar power generation works on the simple mechanism of converting DC power into AC. Moreover, the entire process involves no motion. This is a big difference when compared to other energy generation sources. The latter sources involve noise and high maintenance.

Why go for rooftop solar solutions ?

The reasons for installing solar panel on roof can be many. Moreover, they vary between individuals. Environmental concerns, economic as well as individual choices determine the majority of them.

Following reasons help informed individuals to make a switch to rooftop solar panels.

1. Reduction in electricity bills

Regardless of whether you have a business or work for someone else. Electricity bills greet you on a periodic basis. They haunt you more if you operate your own business. Add to it the inflation costs as well. Hence, every year, you spend more on your electricity than the year before.

Rooftop solar solutions reduce electricity bills

But the situation changes the moment you have rooftop solar power system.

Rooftop solar energy generation system reduces the electricity bill to dramatic levels. This reduction in bill is a direct saving to the periodic bills. Overtime the savings compound to bring in tremendous reduction in the expenses.

2. Assured return on investment

Let us face it, rooftop solar power panels involve costs. But it is for the one with a futuristic vision to consider them as a financial product.But unlike the financial products like stocks and shares, solar panels costs guarantee returns.Rooftop solar solutions provide significant savings to your volatile electricity expenses. Hence, the money that you savegoes straight to your pocket.Moreover, returns from financial investments are taxable. But that is not the case with an investment in roof solar power. Hence, the age old quote : A penny saved is a penny earned holds true with rooftop solar solutions.After you break-even your initial investment in a solar rooftop panel. The period from then on generates monetary savings in the form of earnings. In a typical scenario, 4-5 years is the initial pay back time range. While rooftop solar panel systems remain productive for 20-25 years.

3. Shield from future increase in energy costs

The rates of electricity bills tend to increase with each year.So, if you spend an x amount each year on your power bills. Then factor in 2-7 % increment every year to that amount. That is the range of increase of electricity charges since last 2 decades.Moreover, the more the utility cost of power increases in the coming times. The more savings you get to have through your rooftop solar systems. This shields one from the future rise in energy costs. With the rooftop solar panels, a significant portion of your expenses becomes predictable. With that knowledge, you can factor in your other expenses in a planned way. This provides a tremendous help to business owners as well as pensioners in a significant way.

4. Enhancement of the existing property

Installation of a rooftop solar solutions increases the inherent value of a property. The immediate benefits include a high energy efficiency value of your premises. This is beneficial to you if you reside in the house. A rooftop solar power equipped property is more certain of an appraisal than the one which is not. This is of immense value to anyone residing in a region with high electricity bill costs.

5. Contribute to the country’s energy independence

Non-renewable sources of energy fuel most of the conventional power sources. This includes natural gas that is a derivation of the fossil fuels. This puts a tremendous pressure on our nation to depend on other oil trading nations. With that comes the trade deficit impact. Hence, an impact on the holistic financial health of our country. To weaken this vicious cycle, renewable sources are the simplest of all solutions.

Hence, an average cost of solar panels and installation is what you pay. But that cost supports India’s ability to become energy independent.

6. Contribute to the environment

The moment you buy solar power panels, your contribution towards environment begins. Carbon emissions are none with the energy generated through solar. These reductions in the carbon footprints help the environment. Although this amount may be small from each installation. But with each roof mounted solar panels, the Earth breathes a cleaner air. A collaborated effort from each one going solar will be huge in the times to come.

7.     Showcase your environment concerns with a call-to-action

Solar panel power system installed in your premises showcases your environment concerns. It is one thing to be concerned, and another to do something about it. And both of them are demarcated by huge differences.

8. Stay ahead of the renewable energy transition curve

The future ahead is for the renewable and clean energy sources. For a lot many reasons, they have not yet gained the mainstream attention. But the situation will not remain so forever. When the economies of scale will play a role, renewable sources will be the talk of the town. Hence, by a jump into the bandwagon today, you will be at an advantage. So, with the installation of solar panels for the roof today. Your future is way ahead of your peers in the learning curve of renewable sources of energy. This itself sounds too cool. Even cooler than using Sun’s heat to produce energy.

9. Noise free system of energy generation

If you have lived in a state with constant power outage, then you know what I mean. Panels, a rack and an inverter complete a rooftop solar solutions system. This system does not involve any movement. This leaves you with an immense cut down on noise pollution. With a comparison to conventional sources of energy, it is a big differentiating factor.

In Conclusion:

Rooftop solar solutions are the way of the future. Not only they are a constant renewable source of energy. But also one of the best investment tools to safeguard future expenses.

A simple share from your end will help save the Earth.

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