A new regulation from the Ministry of Power mandates Net-Metering for rooftop solar projects up to 10 kW and Gross Metering for systems with loads above 10 kW

What is Net Metering Mechanism?

A Net Metering is a mechanism where rooftop solar power is used for self-consumption, and surplus (net) energy exported to the grid after self-consumption is credited at a net feed-in tariff determined by the state.

What is Gross Metering Mechanism?

In Gross Metering, the Solar system has a direct connection to the KSEB utility grid, with the entire Solar Power Generation is being transferred to the grid.

Gross Metering is mostly applicable for Commercial and Corporate Power consumers.

Which is applicable in Kerala? Why?

Kerala currently follows Net Metering Mechanism and mostly they are residential systems. The Gross metering currently is followed in Karnataka, Delhi, WB states and is applicable for Commercial and Industrial consumers.

For Residential KSEB Consumers with less than 10kW, Net Metering is followed for On-Grid Solar Power Plants.

Which is better one?

Net Metering payback is lesser than Gross Metering Payback.

Karnataka has also proposed a gross metering arrangement for rooftop solar projects over 10 kW capacity at a Rs 2.84/kWh tariff.

In Kerala currently no Gross Metering applicable.

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