Solar Photovoltaic Main Source of Energy by 2050 – International Energy Agency (IEA)

A recent study by the International Energy Agency(IEA) shows that Solar Energy, i.e. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) can generate around 16% of the world’s total energy needs. If  this is combined with Concentrating Solar plants (CSP) it can drastically reduce the global carbon footprint.

  • The Technology Roadmap for Solar Photovoltaic Energy laid out by International Energy Agency (IEA) says that a 4600 GW installation of Solar Photovoltaic by the year 2050, worldwide, can result in a decrease in Carbon Di-oxide (CO2) by 4 billion tonnes per year.
  • This means that world demands an average annual solar installation capacity of 124 GW.

The thermal energy which is most widely used conventional source of energy all over the world is endangered. It is a proven fact by now as the entire world is facing energy crisis. Since centuries world is using these conventional sources of energy and now debating on how far can we continue with these conventional sources of energy?

Whether it is conventional thermal energy or renewable ones like the wind energy, biomass, geothermal- Solar is going to rule every other source of energy in years to come, according to IEA.

Initially Solar Technology was not preferred due to high cost of Solar Photovoltaic Panels which lowered the cost efficiency of solar photovoltaic systems. Now continuous research and development in solar photovoltaic technology has resulted in a drop in the cost of solar panels and other components of solar power system. The continuous reduction in prices of solar system components will make solar photovoltaic systems more cost efficient.

  • The study also shows that the global solar installations have surpassed the limit of 154 GW.
  • This shall continue to rise with a 100 GW capacity installation on a daily basis throughout 2014.

Keeping in mind all the above facts about solar photovoltaic technology it is inevitable that Solar Energy will rule all other sources of energy by the year 2050. Even the IEA is very hopeful on this.

  • The developing markets throughout India, Africa, Australia, China are also becoming more active on the issues of environment, sustainable development and energy crisis. This will lead to additional deployment in the coming years.

Even the India self-sufficient in terms of its energy needs by adopting Clean Energy…

Go Green!…Go Solar…..with Solar Photovoltaic Technology-the ultimate future!

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