More Power | 12-20 Year Warranty | Lower O&M Costs

The three phase inverter for commercial grids up to 100kW utilizes synergy technology: 
a unique topology that combines the benefits of both string and central inverters.

The inverter is made of a primary inverter unit which connects to one or two secondary units, which makes it as easy to install and service as a string inverter. AC wiring and commissioning however, are as easy as working with central inverters.

This allows installation by just two technicians, with no cranes, forklifts or other special tools. In addition, each unit continues to work independently in the event that the other units are offline for higher uptime.

The three phase inverters with synergy technology utilize the SetApp application for quick & easy inverter commissioning using a smartphone.

As with all SolarEdge inverters, this product has a warranty period of 12 years.

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Comorin Solar, Trivandrum

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