The 4G inverters use the 5th generation Infineon IGBTs, improving efficiency by 0.5-0.8%, Increasing the switching frequency (from ~16 kHz to ~32kHz) has further improved the efficiency of the 4G Solis string inverters (99% peak efficiency, 98.7% EU Efficiency – for 60kW-4G).

This is achieved by increasing the switching frequency, reduce loss in magnetic components, reducing the heating of these components. Switching losses are further minimized by properly configuring the drive parameters.

Solis inverters have the competitive advantage of long-term sustainability and better reliability of the BOM components. We are using 99% of the components directly sourced from US, Germany, Japan etc.

Gradually market is moving towards technology driven approach and companies are opting for optimized solutions rather than just the price race. Consumers are aware about the total cost of ownership than just onetime CAPEX. Yet residential segment still needs considerable awareness about the quality norms needed during selection of inverters.

Ultra- low temperature rise technology offers reliable operation with sufficient power. All our inverters can work up-to 60 Degrees of ambient temperature. Lower internal working temperature architecture, Solis Inverters could be operated full load in high temperature. This ensures sufficient power generation, longer service of components and longer operation time of Inverter.

New 4G inverters use the latest Texas Instruments (TI) 2806 DSP chip, increasing CPU processing speed and PWM resolution by 1.5 times. It uses the 5th generation Infineon IGBTs, improving efficiency by 0.5-0.8%. Very soon we shall be launching 100kW- 125kW string inverters for utility segment with 1500V. These inverters are set to achieve more than 99% efficiency.

It has been more than 4 years in India. We have crossed 0.5GW shipments in India. Presently, we have 18 people out of which 9 people are dedicated to service purposes only. Service being our sole offering to gain the customer retention. Now they have 4 service warehouse located at NCR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

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