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KSEB Kerala Solar Scheme | Solar Rooftop Panel Online Registration

Installing a Solar Rooftop has various benefits. It surely saves money and is also environment-friendly. KSEB is providing the facility to register online for a new solar Rooftop connection in Kerala.

Kerala Solar Rooftop Models – KSEB Solar Models

As Mentioned before, KSEB has released three models. You can choose the best one according to your needs:

Model 1: As per this Model, KSEB will utilize the rooftop (or land) of interested customers. The Energy generated by the solar rooftop will be fed into the grid for 25 years. A fixed percentage (As decided by the Department) will be given an incentive or lease to the owner. Also, the owner will get compensation in the monthly bill. One More thing, Interested Applicant needs not to pay anything under this Model.

Example: Suppose the Solar Plant is generating 200 units per month. If 10% is allocated to the owner for use, it means he can use 20 units without paying to KSEB.

Model 2: In this Model, also interested person need not to pay anything for installation. KSEB will install the Solar Plant on Rooftop or Ground in the consumer’s premises. In this Model, the energy generated by the Plant for 25 years will be sold to the consumer through PPA, as per his requirement at a fixed tariff.

Example:  Consider the monthly consumption of the consumer as 300 units and the solar generation as 200 units. If the tariff for solar power is fixed at say, Rs. 5 per units, it will remain the same for 25 years without any escalation. The monthly bill of the consumer will be = 200 x 5 + 100 x tariff applicable on the date of billing.

Model 3 : In the Third model, Interested consumer needs to invest. The Approximate cost for Installation will be Rs. 45,000 to 60,000 Per KW. KSEB will set up a solar plant for the consumer. Any excess energy generated after the consumption will be fed into KSEB’s Grid at a discussed rate. If required, KSEB can take up the maintenance of the plant during the operation period.

For Registration of SOURA Scheme On-Grid Solar Power Plant in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, please contact us at or call us at +91-9633159523 

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