On-Grid Solar Panel Installation = ZERO Running Cost for Running Electric Cars/Bikes

If you’re thinking to buy an Electric Vehicle, you can have a charging station in your home.
By having Solar system installed, you could have a ZERO BILLS.
EVs are the future! For all of us to see, petrol and diesel prices are only hiking rather than getting low, which induces electric vehicles a good replacement option and thus more EV charging stations to be set up.

In Kerala, the road tax for EV is only 5%, which is much lower than other vehicles.

  • Distance Run by Tata NEXON per month – depends on commutation (1000+kms per month)
  • Electricity Required from KSEB grid – 420 units (kWh)
  • Consumption of EB per month for a small family/house – 300 units (kWh)
  • Solar system required for overall house + EV charging – 6 kW ON-GRID SOLAR SYSTEM 
  • Payback for the system – 3 years 

The Government of India has this ambitious plan to complete the conversion to electric vehicles in coming time. All the leading manufacturers like Hyundai, Tata, and Mahindra have come up with their versions of electric vehicles. Electric bikes, scooters and buses are already launched by reputable brands like Ashok Leyland, Hero, Revolt, TATA Motors and others, and it will of course increase the number of vehicles for charging.

They are in the line too! All these indicate one thing, i.e. there will be huge demand for a public charging base and Every home needs a Solar Charging option.

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