Vikram Solar, one of the largest module manufacturer in India, launched a new line of high-efficiency modules, ‘SOMERA’

The SOMERA series uses PERC mono-crystalline solar cells, which is a new addition to the company’s product portfolio.

Vikram claims that its products can achieve high module area efficiency up to 19.05% (for 60 cells) and up to 18.45% (for 72 cells).

The new modules are suitable for operation under higher system voltage up to 1500 V. They are constructed with high efficiency PERC cells, having extremely low LID and lower temperature coefficients leading to higher energy yield, compared to other modules.

The new monocrystalline modules are conditioned to withstand 2,400 Pascal Wind load, 5400 Pascal Snow load and Dynamic Wind load, making them the best option even for harsh geographical conditions. Tests have revealed that SOMERA line can offer 5 – 10% higher energy generation output than that of any industry average polycrystalline modules.

Vikram Solar has named the module series differently according to the market. It has launched, SOMERA Grand Series (72 cell modules ranging from 340 to 365Wp) and SOMERA Prime Series (60 cell modules ranging from 280-310Wp), for the Indian market.

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