Solar Roof

It’s a roof. With solar energy. It’s that simple.

On-grid Rooftop Solar Systems

A roof designed and developed to produce Solar energy blended with Aesthetics

Comorin Solar was established with the homeowner in mind. After years of experience in the solar market, we have noticed that many people want to go solar but don’t. The reason usually has to do with their roof – some don’t want to have work done on their roof, others are waiting for the next time in which they will have to replace their roof to install solar on their home. In some cases, people’s home is just too shaded, and installing solar on it does not make any sense. ​ And then we had the perfect solution – we have designed a product that could be installed as a carport or as a canopy – depending on the customer’s needs. It can hold up to 24 panels and produce about 8kW of electricity. Knowing our customers, we made sure that this will be an installation that they can take on easily.

Bifacial Solar Panels

Solar canopy with bi-facial transparent panels

Our patented and award-winning Comorin Solar Canopy both creates space for the amenity of your choice, while also enhancing it with shade, rain protection.

Comorin Solar Canopy is an aesthetic, adjustable rooftop structure that makes going solar easier for Kerala homeowners.

Comorin Solar designed a new, modern take on solar technology – the Solar Canopy – that replaces those massive roof panels of the past with a design-focused solution. The Solar Canopy makes solar power possible by adopting sleek, thin panels that rest atop an aluminum frame 9-feet or 10 foot above the ground. This setup makes way for a shaded living space or canopy or carport while eliminating the panels from direct view.

Solar Canopy can be used as dining space on your rooftop for parties, get together, etc.

Elevation, Design, Versatility and Installation simplicity are the core design features of Comorin Solar Canopy. The leg/Structure assembly can elevate solar panels up to 14 feet; while the truss can support unsupported spans of up to 25 feet in width and 16 feet in length. #Comorin Solar Leak Proof Installations can be completed in a 4 days timeframe using standard industry tools.

Designed to comply with Kerala’s Building for Corporation/Panchayat rules and create rooftop amenity space, canopies are an elegant solution to many of the barriers that limit solar adoption in cities.

Semi-transparent bi-facial or Mono-facial solar panels are fastened to rails atop a 10 ft. tall canopy, allowing for light to filter through the array. Minimum of 12 panels and Maximum of 24 panels could be installed on a typical two-truss or four-truss canopy, supplying between 5 kW to 12 KW of Solar Electricity. Depending on property needs, additional trusses can be added, supporting up to 30 panels.

Solar car porch or solar carport

Not just for car parks - customizable, shade-giving Solar PV mounting options.


Just like conventional covered car parks, Solar Car Parks can provide you with additional shelter and protection from the elements. Unlike normal car parks, however, Solar Car Parks generate power, and provide your business with a sure-fire way to save on electricity bills. In future Kerala, the EV chargers would be installed on the car parking space and utilized.

Comorin Solar can custom design and engineer a Solar Car Park for your home, business, providing you with full financial analysis, including pay-back periods and expected annual savings. We’re able to help build your Solar Car Park from scratch, or install solar panels on existing structures.


Made in India

An Indian product.

25 Year Warranty

Products guaranteed to be free of impairing defects.

Sturdy Design

Made from galvanized steel, durable design.

Easy installation

Quickly installed with a 2-person crew.

Light Tools

Installation doesn't require any heavy machinery.


Compatible with any solar panel. Available in dozens of colors.