Solar Plant Maintenance

If your Solar Equipment needs Repair or Replacement Crucial that it be done by someone who can ensure that your warranty stays valid. Our Professionals at Comorin Solar can work on any type of solar equipment including Panels, Inverters, Junction Boxes, Cables, Meters and provide you with an accurate assessment and recommendations for the next steps

Solar System Inspection & Site Audit

Provides a complete analysis and report so you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current solar panel system, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Detailed Solar Panel Cleaning

Maintains cleanliness of your panels so you can enjoy maximum energy production. Additionally, we can check to see if any wildlife or plants may be disturbing energy production.

Solar Panel Repair & Replacement

Removes and replaces older or damaged solar panels and replaces with brand new panels so you can maximize solar energy benefits.

Solar System Warranty Fulfilment

Full Manufacturer certified warranty service that guarantees your system performs for the life of the solar panels.

Dirty solar panels decrease efficiency.

Solar panels make the most energy when there is no barrier between the surface of the panels and the light from the sun. That means that dust, debris, bird droppings, etc. can interfere and reduce production. Regular cleaning can address these issues and help maximize your savings.

Warranty Fulfilment by Comorin Solar

Comorin Solar works closely with the manufacturers of all types of solar system equipment to help ensure that everything covered by a warranty is repaired in such a way that the warranty remains fully in effect, and that the repair is covered per the terms in the warranty.

Troubleshooting the On-Grid Solar System (my system is not producing)

Step 1. Check your generation data on the Inverter and Net Meter
Step 2. Check the Inverter Display or on the Mobile APP if any “ERROR” Message is shown
Step 3. Report to Comorin Solar Team via WhatsApp or Call or Email.
Step 4. Our Team Ensures the Problem is addressed within an hour and solved within a day

RESOURCES available

  • Vehicle available for 24/7 Installation and Service
  • Phantom Drone – HD Image of the roof and House along with Panels provided to the Customer
  • Megger and Earth Resistance Tester
  • Power Clampmeter and Multimeter
  • Digital and analog Tapes
  • Heavy Power Drilling Machines
  • Seaward I-V curve Tester
  • Solar Irradiation Sensors
  • Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning System
  • Panel Cleaning Brushes
  • Safety PPE Kits (Safety Belts, Helmets, Leather Shoes, Goggles for Welding/Fabrication, etc.)
  • Panel Inclination Angle Finder
  • Welding Machines
  • Cordless Screw Drivers
  • Allen Key sets, Screw drivers, spanners and all other tools

Monitoring Platform

The monitoring platform provides enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance through immediate fault detection and alerts at the module level, string level and system level.

We at Comorin Solar monitor performance remotely, spot or predict failures and provide proactive maintenance of solar PV projects throughout KERALA

We are using a cloud based energy management IoT platform to track your solar PV system’s performance, identify anomalies and provide immediate support, giving you a full control over your system without actually being present there.

Customer CASE Study Reference: Dr Gopinath Sunil is Endocrinologist based out of US and India. So his residence may be off for months.
From Day-1 our Customer Support Team has been monitoring the performance, daily, weekly, monthly generation of 8kW solar power plant at Inverter level, Net Meter level. We have found few discrepancies due to Grid failure and were able to troubleshoot with minimum downtime. This in turn has Ensured 99.99% uptime for the Solar plant. This plant generates 40+ units on average per day.

Solution Overview Real benefit, real savings

Annual Maintainance Contact (AMC)

Timely servicing and maintenance of your solar plant is an important part of fulfilling its 25 year commitment towards ecological wellness. Comorin Solar’s comprehensive AMC plan looks after all the parameters to ensure that your plant is generating at its optimum capacity.

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Higher Generation
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Lower O&M Cost
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Lesser Resolution Time

RESULTS WITH regular Solar Plant Maintenance

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Higher Generation
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Lower O&M Cost
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